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There is something mystical in the Raku process. Often referred to as fire painting, there is a sublime beauty to it. It is a process that is as exciting as it is fickle, many pieces are lost to the kiln gods in order to get that one perfect piece. This is partly due to the great amount of stress that is put on the piece during the rapid heating and cooling process, partly to the fact that one cannot completely control the outcome, and partly to my own somewhat perfectionistic requirements.

All Raku Color Options

This area shows the full line of Raku products.

We have several glazes available for most of our Raku pieces. Please see the color options with each piece for specific selections.
Ornaments Vessels

The trick to making the ornaments is in the throwing them thin enough for easy hanging. These are truly unique and one of my most popular items.

Intended as stand alone works of art, these non-functional pieces, also display well in groupings or as counterpoints to other works of art.